Garlic Parmesan
We layer garlic butter, and dust a delicious blend of spices and parmesan cheese on top.

Lemon Pepper
A zesty dry rub.

A sweet, traditional Asian style glaze. This sauce contains gluten.

A sweet and tangy, honey BBQ sauce.

Our most buttery Buffalo style sauce. It has the traditional Buffalo flavor without the heat.

Chipotle Ranch
Our newest dry rub! A combination of ground Chipotle peppers and ranch!

Our half and half Buffalo mixture, half Mild and half Hot.

Buffalo Bee
A sweet twist on our traditional Buffalo style sauce, made with honey.

A true and traditional Buffalo sauce.

Our Louisiana style dry rub with Habanero.

Hot Garlic
A delicious garlic spin on our traditional Buffalo style sauce.

X Hot
A step up on our classic Buffalo flavor, with crushed red peppers and Habaneros.

Spicy BBQ
Our BBQ sauce with a Buffalo twist.

Mango Habanero
Sweet Mango, chipotle, and habaneros.

Spicy Teriyaki
Sweet and spicy Asian glaze made with Sriracha. This sauce contains gluten.

Spicy Samurai
Sweet Thai chili sauce with Sriracha. This sauce contains gluten.

Our Spicy BBQ sauce mixed with Garlic, Cajun, and Ranch dressing.

XX Hot
Our Buffalo style with four times the heat of X-Hot.

Our second hottest Buffalo style sauce with heaps of Habanero.

Uncle Nasty’s House
Our hottest BBQ sauce! This is a mix of our House sauce and No 1 Left Standing. This sauce starts out sweet and savory then turns up the heat with a Ghost Pepper kick!

No 1 Left Standing
Our hottest sauce! This sauce is not for the faint of heart, it packs a mean punch with our blend of Buffalo sauce and Ghost peppers.